Series of bio assays are facilitated to carry out under our Bio-activity laboratory at Herbal Technology Division to fulfil the ever increasing demand of the industries related to life sciences, especially in pharmaceutical development and manufacturing. You can find the available facilities below and contact our scientists for further information. 




  •   Antioxidant assays
            DPPH radical scavenging assay

          ABTS radical scavenging assay

          Oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC) assay

          Ferric reducing antioxidant power (FRAP) assay

          Ferrous iron chelation assay

          Total flavonoid content (TFC) assay

          Total polyphenolic content (TPC) assay 


  • Anti-inflammatory assays

           Nitric oxide inhibition assay

           Superoxide inhibition assay


  • Anti-hypertension assays

           Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibition assay






 plate 2


  •    Anti-aging assays

           Anti-elastase assay

           Anti-collagenase assay

           Anti-hyaluronidase assay

           Anti-tyrosinase assay

           Sun Protection Factor (SPF) assay


 plate spec1



  •  Anti-lipidemic assays

          Anti-lipase assay

          Anti-cholesterol esterase assay

          Cholesterol micellization inhibition assay

          Bile acid binding assay




  •  Anti-diabetic assays

          Anti-amylase assay

          Anti-glucosidase assay

          Anti-glycation assays (BSA/Glucose and BSA/MGO assays)

          Glycation reversing assay


  •  Membrane stabilization assays

           Heat induced membrane stabilization assay

           Hypotonicity induced membrane stabilization assay


  • Anti-genotoxicityassays

           Allium cepa chromosomal aberration assay


  •   Anti-cancer assays

           Glutathionase-s-transferase inhibition assay








 spetramax 2


bio assay fractions















 For further information: Contact Herbal Technology Division


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