pharmacognostic identification

Pharmacognostic Identification 


Natural drugs are very commonly reported as adulterated with low grade materials or foreign substances and targeted therapeutic effect cannot be expected from these medicines. Therefore, pharmacognostic identification plays an important role in terms of quality control (identity, purity, consistency), efficacy and safety in herbal drug industry. To support the manufacturers and marketers to be confident on the quality of herbal raw materials and products they are dealing with, ITI provides pharmacognostic analysis services via different standardization parameters; organoleptic characters, microscopic study, powder study, physico-chemical analysis and phytochemical analysis to authenticate the plant material and identify the presence of adulterations. Microscopic detection is performed according to WHO guidelines on quality control and standardization of medicinal plant materials while morphology is studied according to standard pharmacognostic parameters. Facilities are available for detection of adulteration of bees honey by microscopic analysis and furfural test.

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