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Development of a dialysate for kidney dialysis



 Chronic kidney disease is a major problem faced by the farmers in North Central Province in Sri Lanka. A large quantity of dialysate is required for the dialysis of these patients. Presently the requite dialysate is imported and Sri Lanka spending a large sum of money on it.

A group of scientists from CML developed a dialysate; Acetate and Carbonate dialysis solutions that can be used in kidney dialysis which showed positive results with no side effects. The clinical trialswere carried and data shows that the solutions are much more effective than the imported solutions. The proposals were submitted to scale up the production capacity and presented to NSF and presidential task force on CKDu for funding.


Development of a humidity and temperature data acquisition and monitoring system for IML laboratories

It is essential to maintain a system to monitor and recording temperature and humidity data in the laboratories of the Industrial Metrology Laboratory for maintain the calibration standards. Currently analogue humidity recorders are used with paper based recorders and have to replace and store the record graph periodically. It is less accurate and also required ink, graph papers and pens are difficult to find in market as these recorders are no longer useful.

IML develop a digital system to monitor & record temperature and humidity data at single point for all laboratories.

Humidity and temperature sensors are expected to implant in each laboratory.



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