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The ITI has been helping Sri Lanka’s industrial & scientific communities for over 50 years. The institute has helped with equipping their clients face an ever expanding global market. Our scientific expertise, coupled with our interdisciplinary approach has helped us provide solutions for government and commercial establishments and non-profit foundations. In doing so, we have also been a catalyst of development and change for the public, and our efforts have contributed to the improvement of the standard of living island-wide.


The ITI conducts client-sponsored research and development for government agencies, commercial businesses, foundations and other organizations. In order to serve you better we have organized ourselves into core theme laboratories, each with an interdisciplinary approach as follows,

  • Environment Technology (ET)
  • Food Technology (FT)
  • Herbal Technology (HTD)
  • Materials Technology (MT)
  • Bio Technology (BT)
Food Technology
This collection of well equipped laboratories conducts Research & Development work on new functional food products, post-harvest technologies and protocols and provides consultancies to modernize upgrade and trouble-shoot issues for the food processing industry. The unit’s research groups also conduct specialized training programmes for food industry personnel on food safety, regulations and new standard requirements.
Herbal Technology
The HT laboratories offer services related to the development of new herbal health care and pharmaceutical products and conduct basic research on functional natural products from herbs, medicinal and aromatic plants and spices.
Materials Technology
This unit offers a multidisciplinary approach to facing technical challenges through laboratory and pilot scale testing. The group works on projects such as the development of new bio-degradable polymers, as well as research regarding oil and gas absorbing materials and self cleaning coatings for ceramic products.
Environmental Technology
The environment Technology Section has an experienced team of scientists who undertake turn-key type development work on waste water treatment, ventilation systems for industries, and environment impact studies.
BioTechnology Unit

Biotechnology Unit hosts research projects, testing services, a number of collaborations and educational training programs on Molecular Biology and Biotechnology for the advancement of agriculture, health, environment and industry in Sri Lanka.

Engineering Services
This section works closely with all sections of the ITI, providing design, fabrication and general workshop facilities to promote and support the successful completion and implementation of the Institutes activities.

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