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BTU offers research and training in Biotechnology through a unique interdisciplinary program. The Biotechnology Training Program provides excellent training for school leavers, undergraduates, medical officers and scientists who plan to work in the biotechnology industry directly, or carry out research in a university concerned with this dynamic emerging new field. The program stresses the interdisciplinary nature of biotechnology training through course work, laboratory work, research and other opportunities that broaden the students’ training in and understanding of modern biotechnology.


 Advanced School in Biotechnology ( Click Here For More Info)

 Certificate Courses Provided at BioTechnology Unit ( Click Here For More Info)

DNA Day School ( Click Here For More Info)

 Workshop on Molecular Microbiology ( Click Here For More Info)

Provide training for students, medical officers and scientists for those who wish to obtain a foundation in theoretical and practical aspects of molecular biology, genetics and genomics

  • Certificate courses in Biotechnology

This course targets school leavers, university students and anyone who is interested in getting familiar with fundementals of Biotechnology. The course provides theoretical and practical aspects of biotechnology & molecular biology.

For those who already have exposed to biotechnology field, we offer great opportunities to engage in research projects under supervision of experts in the Biotechnology Unit

The course helps students to decide whether to pursue higher studies in Biotechnology.


  • BTU continues to provide academic support through supervision and training of researchers and students at post graduate and undergraduate level.




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