Energy Assessments and Auditing


Energy expenses stand for a major part of operating and production costs of many energy intensive process industries. These industries can achieve significant cost savings by investing in energy saving measures. Moreover, reducing the carbon footprint by saving energy will help in enhancing the environmental performance of the industry. It is interesting to note that investments in energy efficiency improvements have a much shorter payback period compared to other investments. An energy audit is, a systematic analysis of energy flow in a process and is a part of an overall energy management exercise. It seeks opportunities to reduce the amount of energy input to a system without negatively affecting the outputs.  However, it should be noted that energy audits don’t save money and energy for industries unless the recommendations are implemented. 


energy audit 1Industrial energy audits are very cumbersome and time consuming but are instrumental in revealing the details of the facts described above. In a practical energy audit, both electrical as well as thermal aspects of energy are looked in to in detail. ITI started providing energy related consultancy services in mid 2010 and since then, a number of such consultancies have been provided.




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Flue Gas Analysis, Boiler Tuning and Incinerator Tuning


The major objective of flue gas analysis done by us is to improve the Combustion Efficiency and was done using the portable flue gas analyzers IMR 1400, IM 2800 and LANCOM 4. The Combustion Efficiency improvement is also called “tuning”. This is done mainly for Boilers and Incinerators in order to optimize the Overall Efficiency of that equipment whilst keeping the Emissions within permissible limits. In the case of Boilers, Air/Fuel ratio was adjusted for the maximum possible Combustion Efficiency whilst in the case of Incinerators the “right mix” of waste to be incinerated was determined by carrying out different trials. The tuning process is extremely cumbersome and sometimes takes a long time. However, the improvements will pay back (both financially as well as environmentally) in a short period of time.


flue gas assessmentMore than 50 jobs of the above nature were undertaken during last 3 years. The clients included the Factories belonging to Food, Metal, Rubber & Plastics, Pharmaceuticals, Glass, Beverages, and Garment Sectors etc. and Hospitals and Star Class Hotels. 





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