Environmental Feasibility Reports 

A Feasibility Study is used to determine whether it is feasible to establish, acquire, develop, and manage new property for a proposed project. The study takes into account; the physical and biological environment and its capabilities, the views of the public and of landowners adjoining the property, and the availability of funding and staffing to accomplish the project’s purpose adequately. Furthermore, it presents boundary alternatives, general land management strategies, and ensures integrated ecosystem management principles are considered. Environmental feasibility reports provide the decision-makers, project proponent, funding agency and public with a factual, unbiased analysis of the proposal in order to identify reasonable alternatives to make most accurate decisions on project components. 

ETS assist both investors and regulatory authority in this process. 

  • Pre-feasibility Studies
  • Environmental Assessments/ Review of Project Proposals
  • Preparation of Reports for Soft Loans Schemes such as E-Friends, etc


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