Assessment of site suitability for proposed waste to energy project


Five Elements Capital Ltd, Zurich, Switzerland has put forward their proposal to set up Delta Enegy Holdings Ltd, in Sri Lanka; a facility to generate energy from municipal solid waste. The project has been planned for the solid waste generated from the municipal councils in the Western Province of Sri Lanka including Colombo Municipal Council (CMC). Thus the necessity of locating the project in the Western Province close to Colombo city has been highlighted. Further, according to the project proponent 50 Ac land is required to locate the project. Considering the above requirements, the Urban Development Authority (UDA) has proposed Baduwila Estate, Piliyandala as one of the possible sites for the project. The project proponent has requested ITI to assess the suitability of the proposed site. 

Out of the facts cited above the most critical factor is that the proposed project area is in the high risk range of flooding. Hence the site will be prima facie, unsuitable for a project like this where there are many project components i.e. buildings and various other entities. A better solution will be to consider an alternative site with a lower flood risk 

 waste to energy site

 Proposed Site for Waste to Energy Project


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