Testing Services 




Flue gas analysis


Indoor air quality measurement


Duct velocity measurement


Outdoor total VOC measurement


Soil hydraulic conductivity testing      









Ambient Air Quality Monitoring


Trainings offered


  • Training Program on Boiler Operation
  • Training on Energy Auditing
  • Training Program for Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators


Contribution for Environmental Guidelines


  1. Pollution control Guidelines for Small Scale industries in Sri Lanka: Pollution control Guidelines for Bakery sector industries in Sri Lanka, publish by CEA.
  2. Guidelines for Disposal of Liquid Hazardous Waste from Hospitals and other laboratories in Sri Lanka (to be published by CEA).


National Important Services

Advisory service for governmental organizations in formulating and implementing of Environmental Policy and



Contribution for National Committees

Eng. Ramya Wijesekera

  • Technical Experts Committee for National Environmental Program of “Surakimu Ganga” Project.
  • Technical Consultants Committee for Construction of Wastewater Treatment Plant Project at Central Fish Market-Peliyagoda Fish Market Complex, Peliyagoda.
  • Technical Evaluation Committee for Determining the Sizing of High & Medium (H&M) Polluting Industries Outside Industrial Estates and EPZs and Industrial Zones.
  • Project Operational Level Committee (POLC) for E-Friends II-Revolving Fund of Small and Micro Industries Leader and Entrepreneur Promotion Project.
  • Technical Expert Committee (TEC) for formulation of Environmental Pollution Control Guidelines for Rubber, Rubber Products Manufacturing industries
  • Committee for National Policy Forum of IESL
  • Technical Expert Committee (TEC) for formulation of Technical guidelines for disposal of hazardous waste from laboratories of Hospitals.
  • Technical Evaluation Committee (TEC) for review of IEE report for CGL Waste to Energy project at Trincomalee
  • Technical Expert Committee (TEC) for review of EIA report on Manufacturing of Tiles by Cathode Ray Tube Glass.


Eng. D.M.H.S. Dissanayake

  • National Coordination Committee on Basel, Rotterdam, Stockholm and Minamata Conventions (BRSM), Ministry of Environment.
  • National Steering Committee for the Programme for Management of Hazardous Wastes and Chemicals Emitted to the Environment of Sri Lanka, Ministry of Environment.
  • Project Steering Committee on Environmentally Sound Management and Disposal of PCBs Wastes and PCB Contaminated Equipment in Sri Lanka, Ministry of Environment.
  • Project Steering Committee on Minamata Convention, Bio-monitoring study in Small-Scale Jewelry (SSJ) Sector, Ministry of Environment
  • Stakeholder workshops to prepare the Draft National Environment Policy.
  • Validation workshop series on Updating the National Environment Policy.
  • Validation workshop series on National Environmental Action Plan (NEAP). 
  • Expert forum to discuss the issues with respect to the ‘Disposal of Bottom Ash Generated from a Waste to Energy Project’, organized by Hazardous Waste and Chemicals Management Unit (HW&CMU) of the Central Environmental Authority.
  • Stakeholder meeting on ‘Plastic Management’, organized by the Solid Waste Management Unit (SWM) of the Central Environmental Authority.
  • Meeting on ‘Implementing the Colombo Declaration on Sustainable Nitrogen Management’, organized by the Ministry of Technology.
  • Validation workshop series on ‘Evaluation of Overall Policy Coherence and Recommendations for Designing and Implementing an Optimal Policy Package for Monitoring Reporting and Verification (MRV), Sri Lanka Carbon Registry (SLCR), Sri Lanka Carbon Crediting Scheme (SLCCS) and Carbon Pricing Instruments (CPIs)’, organized by the Ministry of Environment and the Institute of Policy Studies - Waste Sector and Industry Sector.
  • Expert forum on Clarification on Eco Biodegradable Additive Technology - Hayleys Aventura.


Outstanding resource person of following Meetings

        • EIA/IEE related technical committees and scoping meetings
        • Expert meeting on SAICM project on PCB in Sri Lanka
        • TEC meetings organized by CEA











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