Areas of Expertise of the Food Technology Section of ITI


Industrial Technology Institute is pioneered in providing technology and process know-howof food and beverages to SMEs and even large-scale industries in Sri Lanka. Food Technology Section (FTS) of the institute is equipped with state of the art food processing and analytical laboratories, food pilot plant facility with advance pilot scale equipment and relevant expertise, The group of FTS scientists comprise of Food Technologists, Microbiologists, Food analytical experts, Food/ Chemical Engineers and Quality experts.

Major objectives of the food technology section are,

  1. Develop new food products and process technologies through scientific research

  2. Technology transfer to SMEs, Large food industries and entrepreneurship development.

  3. Contract projects in collaboration with food industry

  4. Consultancy / Technical support / Troubleshooting in food industries

  5. Provide information / special services to food industry

-             Factory location selection

-          Factory layout designing

-          Upgrading existing food processing facilities by introducing proper technology and quality management system

-          Specifications on machinery and equipment

-          Designing of packaging and labels

-          Laboratory designing

-          Technology need assessment / industry assessment

       6. Customized test services

-          Physical / Chemical and Microbiological analysis of food

7. Special services to food industry

-          Sensory analysis

-          Shelf life testing of food

-          Thermal Process validation of canned and bottled food

-          Nutrition labeling and health benefit / functional food analysis

-          Food process validation in food industries

-          Assistance to comply with QMS(GMP,HACCP, ISO 22000)

8. Conduct trainingprogrammes / certificate courses on request

-          For exporters, industry participants, supermarket staff

-          Farmers, agro entrepreneurs

-          Government officials related to food and agriculture

-          University students, teachers and school children


 Areas of Expertise,

-          Postharvest Management of Cereals, Fresh fruits and vegetables

-          Cereal based product technology

-          Fruit and Vegetable based product technology

-          Dairy based product technology

-          Fish and Meat based product technology

-          Functional food formulation

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Postharvest Technology:

  • Postharvest handling of perishables intended for supermarkets and other local stores
  • Export protocols for fresh fruits and vegetables (air and sea shipments)
    • Maintaining freshness of fruits and vegetables
    • Packaging, transport and storage conditions
    • Postharvest treatments to extend storage life
    • Safe Fruit Ripening technologies
    • Cold Chain Management of perishables
    • Pack house designing and machinery recommendation
    • Technology on Bio coatings / waxes, waxing technology for Pineapple, Papaya, King coconut etc.
    • Hot wax technology to preserve the quality of manioc and yams
    • Minimal processing technology for Jak, Bread fruit, Green leaves (Mukunuwenna), Kohila, Lotus roots, Cauliflower, Pineapple, Durian etc.
    • Freezing Technology of fruits and vegetables

Cereal based products

  • Rice based products

-          Rice incorporated bakery products (bread, biscuits, cakes, muffins, buns)

-          Rice Noodle technology

-          Instant Rice / Canned rice

-          Rice based (100%) products, rice biscuits, rice crackers, rice chips, rice snacks etc.

-          Traditional rice based products

-          Stabilized rice bran and bran incorporated cereal based products

-          Convenient flour mixtures (hopper mix, thosai mix, rotti mix, pittu mix, Idli mix)

  • Rice and other cereal legume based products

-          Complimentary food

-          Weaning food

-          Breakfast cereal formulations

-          Multigrain flour mixtures , bread

-          Scone / biscuits

  • Other products

-          Granola bars / energy bars

-          High energy, high fibre nutritious biscuits

-          Snacks, bite mixtures

-          Instant Kolakanda mixtures

-          Horse gram based food products – all purpose flour mix, nutritious powdered milk, nutritious flaks mix,

         granola bar, nutritious porridge etc.

-          Olu seed based granola bars

-          Cereal based beverages

-          Cereal based desserts

-          Banana flour incorporated bakery products

Spice based product technologies:

-          Spice processing technology

-          Bottled curry paste

-          Curry cubes

-          Spice paste- Goraka paste, garlic paste, mustard paste etc.

-          Chillie paste

-          Special spice based formulations

Fruits /vegetable / nut based products

-          Dehydration technology – Hot air dehydration, vacuum dehydration, osmotically dehydration and fruit

         leather technology

-          Fruit and vegetable powders (hot air dried / spray dried)

-          Fruit concentrates / preservation - pulp and purees, cordials, jams, marmalades

-          Ready to serve drinks from fruits and vegetables

-          Bottlings and canning - vegetables in brine , fruits in sugar solution, canned ethnic curries (kirikos, polos,

        cashew nut etc.)

-          Technology for sauces, chutneys, pickles etc.

-          Jak based food products

-          Ginger based foods – ginger preserve, ginger crystals, ginger tea, ginger RTS, ginger milk, cured ginger etc.

-          Mushroom based product technology – battered mushroom, pickle, chutney, soup mixture, mushroom

         sausage etc.

-          Lime based products – lime isotonic drink, black lime, concentrated lime juice etc.

-          Pumpkin based food products, dehydrated pumpkin, powder (flesh/ seed), RTS, cordial, soup mixture, puree,

         sauce, pasta sauce, leather, snacks etc.

-          Coconut based product technology- coconut milk (bottled, canned), coconut milk powder, paste, cream,

         coconut oil / virgin coconut oil, king coconut water bottling / canning technology etc.

    -          Kithul based product technology – non-alcoholic kithul sap beverage, kithul chocolate, jelly, cordial etc.

    -          Vinegar technology – Fruit vinegar, coconut vinegar, artificial vinegar

Dairy based products

-          Curd / Yoghurt,

-          Flavoured milk,

-          Cottage cheese (Paneer)

-          Whey protein based beverages

-          Ice cream technology , Frozen yoghurt

-          Probiotic and pre biotic based dairy product technology

 Fish and meat based products

-          Dried products : Dry fish, Maldive fish, spicy dry fish

-          Dry fish and Maldive fish related products (Bottled badum, Kattasambol, Seenisambol, Maldive fish sambol)

-          Smoked fish technology

-          Fermented products: Jaadi, Pickles (bottled), Sauce

-          Marinated products : Ready to cook curry (hot/weight), Ready to fry

-          Minced products : Burger, Fish balls, Sausages, Crackers, Nuggets, Sandwich spared, Cutlet/patty paste

-          Soup (canned) and soup cubes

-          Special preparations: Ammbulthiyal (bottled), Fish curry paste

-          Snacks – fish based snacks

-          Canned fish technology

-          Waste related products: Gelatin, Fish oil, Silage, Fish powder/meal, Fish feed, Poultry feed,Pig feed, Special feed formulation (omega three enriched), Chitin,Chitosan

 Other special food technologies

-          Emergency food rations for security forces and calamity victims

-          Herbal based food /beverages – Aloe vera RTS, pulp, Thebu RTS, Curry leaves beverage etc.

-          Tea based bottled beverages – Iced tea, flavourd tea, herbs/ spice incorporated

-          Wine technology

-          Low cost tomato puree processing technology to substitute imported tomato puree

-          Sugar syrup from manioc or rice to substitute imported corn syrup

Expertise to formulate your dream food product / new concepts o

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