Ms. Vasumathi S. Bandara


Laboratory Technologist

Herbal Technology Section


  • Laboratory technicians certificate course – Merit pass (Advanced Analytical Chemistry - Distinction).
  • Graduateship in Chemistry (Grad I chemc, MIchemc).
  • Member of the Royal Society of chemistry UK (MRSC).


Tel: +94 11 2379848        Ext- 327             Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Specialized Fields


  • Research and development work on spices, Essential oils and aromatic plants.
  • Routine and non routine analytical test services on Essential oils, herbal medicines etc.

Interest Areas       

  • Natural products chemistry
  • Research and development work on essential oils, medicinal, and aromatic plants.





  • G. A. S. Premakumara and V. S. Bandara (2004), A simple thin layer chromatographic method to differentiate neuro toxic Vetch Vicia sativa from red lentils Lens cullinaris. Sri Lanka Association for the advancement of science proceedings of the 60th annual session. P. 237.
  • K. R. Dayananda and V. S. Bandara (2008). Coumarin content in Ceylon cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum) and its significance with Chinese cassia. Institute of Chemistry Ceylon proceedings of the International Symposium on innovations in Food Science and Technology and Health-Care for Social Well-being. P. 26.
  • G. A. S. Premakumara, S. Kathiragamanathar, L. D. A. M. Arawwawala and V. S. Bandara (2013). Standardization of Asamodagam spirit from Trachyspermum ammi. Industrial Technology Institute Proceedings of the Annual Research Symposium. P. 28.

Major Projects Undertaken

  • Active member of the project of “Development of a protocol for preparation of Asamodagam spirit from Asamodagam seeds”. FP-92.
  • Team member market basket study – Quality analysis of selected imported and local foods in Sri Lankan food baskets. TG 13-00-04.

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