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Dr. Chandima Wijayasiriwardena

Research Fellow

Herbal Technology Section




B.Sc(Microbiology), M.Sc (Medicinal plants),

Ph.D (Pharmacognosy), Registered Ayurveda Medical Practitioner Reg. No. 8068


Tel:   0718609190                        Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Specialized Fields

    Pharmacognosy of medicinal plants, herbal-cosmetic formulation development & value


Interest Areas       

 Identification of medicinal plant raw materials, herbal cosmetic formulation development,      cottage level industry troubleshooting & value addition to natural recourses &  Entrepreneurship development from Traditional Knowledge based industries.

Publications & Communications

  1. Indika Herath, Chandima Wijayasiriwardena, Rakesh Joshi and Sirimal Premakumara(2018) Pharmacognostical investigation of Curcuma albiflora Thw.: A review. American Journal of Essential oil & Natural Products, 6(4): 18-26.
  1. Herath, H.M.I.C., Wijayasiriwarderna, T.D.C.M.K., Karunagoda, L.M., Premakumara, G.A.S. (2018) Study on the effectiveness and user satisfaction of anti-inflammatory ointment of Curcuma albiflora THW. in two community based centers in Southern Sri Lanka. Annual Research Symposium, University of Colombo.
  1. Wijayasiriwardena TDCMK, Wasalamuni WADD (2018) Identification of adulteration of herbal /Food Industries, Vidya News paper, Ministry of Science, Technology and Research, 28th February, 07.
  2. Wijayasiriwardena TDCMK, Wasalamuni WADD, Jayarathne DLSM (2017) Utilization of Coconut sludge oil for manufacturing of quality toilet soap. Proceedings of 3rd biannual research symposium of ITI. 14.
  3. Weerasekera K.R., Wijayasiriwardena C., Dhammarathana I., Tissera M.H.A., Ariyawansa H.A.S. (2014) Pharmacognostical review on substitutes for “Tejapatra” in Sri Lankan Herbal Medicine, Ayurpharm Int. J. Ayur. Alli. Sci., 3(12), 376-380.


Major Projects


  • TG 16/119 – Value Addition to Coconut oil; Low cost soap, bio diesel & bio surf anti bacterial fruit & vegetable wash.
  • FP 93-Department of Ayurveda for the identification of “Trjatha” Baseline data generated for the identification of adulterants.
  • TG 19/175 – Pharmacognostical, chemical characterization, bio activities and development of herbal cosmetic products from “Kekuna.”
  • TG 19/179 – Field adulteration detection test kit for “bee honey”

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