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Major Equipment/Pilot Units

  • Measures flue gases of :
  • Has been developed to meet The customers need.
  • Is a high quality combustion gas analyzer using the latest sensor technology
  • Easy to use and will measure all important parameters to adjust and optimize the combustion process
  • Has all features for a complete analysis
  • Determines ventilation efficiency by measuring CO2
  • Measures % RH & Temperature for thermal comfort(and to determine moisture conditions conducive to mold growth)
  • Measures specific toxins such as CO and all remaining key indicators in Indoor Air Quality Surveys
  • Gives everything needed to assess Indoor Air Quality quickly and accurately
  • Quickly measures ambient and indoor ozone levels 0.02-9.99 ppm range
  • Distillation of essential oils from aromatic medicinal plants spices and etc.
  • Preparation of crude extracts and oleoresins from medicinal plants

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