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This is As Sri Lanka’s premier analytical services center, ITI leads the nation in chemical, microbiological and mechanical testing. With labs accredited both nationally and internationally, the Industrial Technology Institute combines years of experience with cutting edge technology in providing its wide array of testing and consultancy services.

Instrument maintenance is another area of expertise for the ITI. The organization boasts the country’s only accredited metrology laboratory that is equipped to offer calibration services.

As the leading technical research entity in the country, the ITI also gladly takes on the responsibility of monitoring sound and vibration levels island wide, and seeing that they do not rise to unhealthy levels. In an age where construction projects are bigger and more ambitious than ever before, we believe that this type of monitoring is essential for the health and safety of the people of Sri Lanka.

The ITI provides all its technical services using four primary laboratories.


ITI Testing Services at ITI

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