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Chemical and Microbiological Lab

Chemical & Microbiology Laboratory (CML) of ITI is a leading provider of high tech analytical testing services in Sri Lanka. The analyses are carried out by scientists and trained technicians together with the guidance of laboratory management who has years of relevant industrial expertise and experience. For more than fifty years, CML has been offering a wide range of analytical laboratory testing, training, consultancy, trouble-shooting, designing of laboratories, research, quality control and many other applications for a wide range of industries.

CML comprises of Cosmetics, Food & Agro, Microbiology, Organic and Water & Wastewater testing laboratories.

The CML of ITI specializes in the pre-shipment sampling of products and analysis of foods, toys and packaging materials for exporters. The laborataory can help to ensure that products conform to the food regulations and labeling requirements of the target country, as well as to conduct related quality assurance testing.

An integral part of the ITI, the CML is also proud to be,

  • The first state laboratory in Sri Lanka to be awarded the ASTEL (Accreditation Scheme for Testing Laboratories) accreditation for common water and wastewater parameters in July 1999
  • The first state laboratory to be awarded the ISO 17025 accreditation by SWEDAC (Swedish Board for Accreditation and Conformity Assessment) for microbiological and chemical parameters in water, waste water, food and agro products in June 2002.


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