Room Acoustics: Science to improve sound quality


Irregularities on surfaces of buildings is a fundamental problem that occur. These irregularities cause uneven sound dispersion and absorption reducing the clarity of sound or low sound quality. This is a highly unacceptable when it comes to places such as cinemas, auditoriums and theaters.

However, low sound quality could be improved using Room Acoustic measurements & modeling. In simple terms, sound quality could be measured and remedial steps could be recommended using computer software.

Room Acoustic measurements & modeling is one of the advance service where ITI offers, using ODEON-Room Acoustic Software and sound and vibration analyzing equipment Brüel & Kjær. All measurements are done according to the ISO 3382 standard for measurement of room acoustic parameters.

ODEON is an advanced acoustic modeling software which has won the world-wide acceptance among the researchers and acoustic engineers for prediction of room acoustics and Public Address systems in concert and opera halls, theatres, worship spaces, sports stadiums, open-plan offices, foyers, restaurants, music studios, underground and railway stations, airport terminals, industrial environments, and outdoor areas with complicated geometry.

 The acoustic specialists at Electro Technology Laboratory are well trained in modeling any type of structure and to design optimized acoustic treatment system to achieve required architectural acoustic standards.

 With this facility we, at ITI, are confident in providing more accurate acoustical designs with target reverberation time and clarity with minimal implementation cost for the acoustic treatment system.

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