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Industrial Metrology Laboratory


The Industrial Metrology Laboratory (IML) is an arm of the ITI that provides calibration and measurement services to a large number of   industries and test laboratories in the spheres of thermometry, mass, electrical, pressure, dimension, volumetric and force. These services all conform to international standards, and the level of technical excellence provided by the laboratory is reflected in the accreditation the laboratory received from the Swedish Board for Accreditation and Conformity Assessment (SWEDAC) in September, 2004 for mass and thermometry and subsequently in the areas of electrical, dimension and volumetric in August 2007 as per ISO/IEC 17025 standard. Sri Lanka Accreditation board(SLAB) also granted accreditation in April 2012 for Volumetric and Pressure areas.       



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Major Equipments






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To keep pace with the increasing demand for calibration by industry, ITI has upgraded the metrology capabilities with the assistance of UNIDO Integrated Industrial Development Support Program. The ultimate goal of the IML is to empower Sri Lankan industries by providing sophisticated calibration support they need to engage in more technologically intensive activities that demand measurements and tests conducted with precision and accuracy to provide better life for the nation.


Maintaining the Environmental Conditions

The laboratory has been equipped with a highly sophisticated air conditioning system to achieve the required humidity and temperature conditions acceptable by international standards .

The temperature and humidity conditions in each laboratory can be controlled to the desired levels during the calibrations. All laboratories are maintained at humidity 50±10% and varying temperature conditions according to requirements since stability of the room temperature is highly important for high accuracy of measurements.

In addition to the above the luminance, air velocity and noise levels are also maintained to accepted international levels



Dimensional Laboratory
Temp : 20±0.3 ºC


Mass Laboratory
Temp : 23±0.5 ºC


  • Volumetric Laboratory
    Temp : 20±0.5 ºC


  • Electrical Laboratory
    Temp : 23±1 ºC


  • Pressure Laboratory
    Temp : 23±1 ºC


Temperature Laboratory

Temp : 23±1 ºC

Surveillance audits are carried out annually where Technical Assessors from SWEDAC observe all accredited calibration methods in Dimensional, Mass, Volumetric, Temperature and Electrical to ensure the accuracy of methods and systems adopted at the laboratories . Technical staff are trained at Korea Research Institute of Standards & Science(KRISS), Standards and Industrial Research Institute Malaysia (SIRIM) and National Physical Laboratory (NPL) India. 

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