Onsite Calibration and training to local industries

1. On-site Calibration

The laboratory provides on-site calibrations to meet customer needs in time and effectively, as well as considering the practical difficulty in transportation of heavy equipment to the IML lab from factory locations.


Temperature enclosures, temperature sensors, weighing scales, analytical balances, pressure gauges, proving rings & tensile testing machines etc. can be calibrated at the industrial premises.

Major customers who continue to obtain ITI calibration services are -

Food & Beverage

Ceylon Tobacco PLC, Renuka Agro foods, Ceylon Biscuits Ltd, Prima Ceylon Ltd, Fonterra Brands Lanka (Pvt) Ltd , Cargills Quality Diaries, Cocacola Beverages (Pvt) Ltd


Lanka Hospital Corporation PLC , Durdans Hospital (Pvt) Ltd , Nawaloka Hospital (Pvt) Ltd, Asiri Hospital (Pvt) Ltd and other small scale medical laboratories


Unichela (Pvt) Ltd, Bodyline (Pvt) Ltd, Mas Holdings(Pvt) Ltd, Hidramani Industries (Pvt) Ltd ,

Non manufacturing

Sri Lankan Catering Services (Pvt) Ltd, Colombo Dockyard PLC, Toyota Lanka (Pvt) Ltd,

Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing

KIK Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, IE Technics (Pvt) Ltd, CCS Elsuma (Pvt) Ltd,


Loadstar (Pvt) Ltd, Noratel Group , Lanka Canneries, Apollo Foods,

2. Training on Metrology

The metrology laboratory provides Metrology Training in the following areas on the request of customers

  • Industrial metrology
  • Maintenance/Calibration of Laboratory Reference Standards
  • Management of Metrology laboratory
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During the last few years we have provided training programs to Loadstar (Pvt) Ltd, Colombo Dockyard PLC , Ceylon Tea Services PLC and etc.

We are fully geared to provide training to satisfy customer requirements in Temperature, Mass, Electrical, Dimensional and Volumetric areas from interpretation of calibration certificates to hands on experience with high accuracy reference standards/ instruments.

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