The Industrial Metrology Laboratory (IML) has established the facilities to provide accredited calibration services as per ISO/IEC 17025 in Mass, Temperature, Dimension, Electrical, Pressure and Volumetric Areas. Calibration services are provided to local and foreign institutions on request. IML provides calibration services at our laboratories and on-site based on the requirement.


The Industrial metrology laboratory provide Metrology/Calibration Training on the request of customers with thoery, practical and uncertainity in the following areas

  • Industrial metrology - Specially on Temperature, Mass, Electrical,Dimensional, Volumeric and Pressure areas
  • Maintenance/Calibration of Laboratory Reference Standards
  • Management of Metrology laboratory

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The services provided are ISO 17025 accredited.

All non accredited calibration services are provided with international traceability

                          Note :. * SWEDAC Accredited calibration services

Any equipment not listed will be undertaken for calibration with international traceability on special request


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