H.P.P.Sudarshana Somasiri

Additional Director General

Technical Services



B.Sc. (Sp) Chemistry

M.Sc. (Analytical chemistry)

Ph.D. (Analytical Chemistry)- University of Colombo

M.I.Chem C.


2379800 (Ext 490), 071-4434777, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Specialized Fields

Analytical Chemistry,

Quality Management (ISO 17025, ISO 9001)

Certified trainer on Analytical Method Validation

Interest Areas       

Analytical Chemistry, Food Chemistry, NIR spectroscopy, Quality Management, Method Validation, Kithul Industry





  1. H.P.P.S.Somasiri, G.A.S. Premakumara, K.R.R.Mahanama (2012), Free amino acid profile of Kithul palm Caryota urens L. Treacle and its potential application in authentication of treacle types, in Technology for Food Quality: Edited by Glenn Graham, Michael Netzel, Trudy Graham, Mary Flectcher, Gloria Karagianis, Cindy Liles, Ujang Tinggi and Pieter Scheelings, Health and Food Sciences Precinct, Queensland, Australia
  2. W.K.S.M. Abeysekera, H.P.P.S. Somasiri, G.A.S. Premakumara, A.P. Bentota, D. Rajapakse and N. Ediriweera (2008), Cooking and Eating Quality Traits of Some Sri Lankan Traditional Rice Varieties across Yala and Maha Seasons, Tropical Agricultural Research Vol. 20: 168 – 176
  3. H.P.P.S.Somasiri, Hydrogen peroxide in milk; Its estimation and the possible effects on the quality of milk, M.Sc. Thesis, PGIS, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka -2003


Kithul Activation and Sap Production Enhancing Reagent (KASPER) as a ready to use treatment mixture for Kithul (Toddy palm) tapping (Patent No-13759)

Major Projects Undertaken

  1. Upliftment of the Kithul industry in Sri Lanka
  2. Chemical characterization and authentication of Caryota urens (Kithul) sap and its products
  3. Fresh Sap Preservation Technology
  4. Efficient Evaporation Equipments
  5. Project for the Improvement of Health Promoting Functional Properties of Rice in Sri Lanka through Bio-fortification
  6. Sulphur fumigation in cinnamon processing industry and its impact on the quality of the final product
  7. Assessment of the physico-chemical changes occur during repeated heating of vegetable oils
  8. Quantification of L-Theanine and other Amino Acids in Sri Lankan Black Tea representing all tea growing areas
  9. Bio- active Kithul drink
  10. Development of Micro-Plate based high throughput antimicrobial assay

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