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Major Equipment

The industrial Metrology Laboratory maintains the following reference standards to provide accredited calibration services to local as well as foreign countries in the areas of mass, electrical, temperature, dimension and volume with the main objective of maintaining traceability to SI units of measurements

Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometer

The standard platinum resistance is our reference standard to maintain traceability as per ITI -90 temperature scale


Solid – State Voltage Standard

ITI maintains the 10 V solid state voltage standard as the reference to maintain the traceability chain to SI units of measurements in the area of electricity


Multi – Product Calibrator

The multi product calibrator is being used to provide accredited calibration services for multi-meters up to 5 ½ digits


Mass Comparators

Mass comparators are being used to maintain traceability in the weight classes E2,F1, F2 & M1


Gauge Block Comparator

Gauge block comparator is the reference instrument to transfer the accuracies of Grade K gauge block set to Grade 1 and Grade 2 gauge blocks




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