Noise Modeling & Noise Mapping

Noise mapping for existing industries using IMMI software and predict noise levels for proposed industries through noise modeling. The same software can be used to model noise abatement solutions and customize the noise abatement solutions.


Proposed Waste to Energy Project – Karadiyana

Noise map karadiyanaCentral Engineering Consultancy Bureau requested to ETL laboratory to develop a noise map for proposed waste to energy project at Karadiyana. Initially they utilize the Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) already dumped at site at a rate of approximately 1,300 metric tons a day to produce electricity using an Advance Thermal Gasification System (ATGS). Objective of the noise mapping for proposed site is to identify the most significant noise impact during the operation periods inside and outside of the site and identification for mitigation measurements.



Noise Mapping for Nestle Lanka PLC

Noise Mapping for Nestle Lanka PLC Nestle is one of the pioneers in the world of producing nutritional food.Nestle Lanka PLC is located, Makandura, Kurunegala at North Western Province which is a leading food processing industry in Sri Lanka. This factory was established in 1984. Noise mapping was done for the Utility Plant, Noodle plant, NiroPlant and Milk Powder Processing Plant. The objective of the noise mapping at the Nestle Lanka PLC is to identify the most significant impact areas on inside and outside of the site. 


Noise Mapping for Holcim Lanka Ltd Holcim lanka Ltd - Clinkerization Plant Aruwakkalu – Puttalam

noise map holcim

The objective of the noise mapping for proposed Clinker plant premises is to identify the most predominant noise source of factory which has the most significant impact on inside and outside noise level of the factory. The main objective of the project was to create a noise map that would be the basis for the implementation of future activities of noise management of the company, which can be grouped as follows. Identification of "High noise spots" inside and outside the factory, Demonstration "Noise Hazards Areas" inside the factory and educate the workers on requirements of ear protections. Noise management within the factory in a planned manner, Planning the future development of the factory with due consideration for noise control, Tracking changes by updating the noise map, Capability of prediction of noise level before implementation of noise mitigating measures.

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