Cosmetic Testing

Cosmetics, oils and fats laboratory of CML offers comprehensive and innovative cosmetics/personnel care and consumer products testing services in an extensive capacity. Training and quality assurance solutions for cosmetic products manufactures, suppliers and retailers are provided by highly experienced and knowledgeable personnel enabling to assure the products quality.

In Sri Lanka cosmetic products are subjected to regulatory control for their composition and quality. Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLSI) provides specifications for cosmetic products and the cosmetics products are regulated by the Cosmetics & Drug Devices Authority (CDDA). Cosmetics, oils and fats laboratory of CML is a well-equipped independent testing laboratory to offer our customers specialist testing services according to Sri Lanka Standards.

Oils & Fats Testing

Our laboratory offers a full range of testing services for oils and fats from routine analyses to customized special research projects. We use official procedures such as ASTM, AOAC, ISO, and SLS standard methods or client specified test procedures for analysis. The laboratory inspects vegetable oils and fats including palm oil, Palm Stearine, Palm kernel oil, gingerly oil, Rapeseed oils, Groundnut oils, Mustard oil, Sesame oil, Soya oil, Sunflower oil, margarine, other vegetable oils and animal fats. Highly trained and talented manpower along with a well organized infrastructure ensures accuracy and timely delivery of reports.

Testing services

Our Analytical Services


Cosmetics, oils and fats laboratory conducts training programmes on cosmetic testing parameters and oils and fats testing parameters

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