M.D Yoga Milani

Research Scientist
Materials Technology Section


  • Msc. ( University of Moratuwa, Polymer Technology, 2010)
  • BSc. ( University of Colombo, Chemistry Honors, 2004)


Tel: 94 011 2379851                                                                          Email:    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Research Experience

Fifteen years R&D experience in product development, product improvement and testing in the field of material science

Interest Areas       

  • New products development, product improvements in quality & cost basis & Trouble shooting activities for local & international market in materials field
  • Handling quality management system and quality auditing with complying to the regulatory requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 17025 & ISO 13485
  • Searching and writing patents






  1. M.D.Y. Milani , D.S. Samarawickrama , G.P.C.A. Dharmasiri, IRM Kottegoda. 2016. Study the structure, morphology and thermal behavior of banana fiber and its charcoal derivative from selected banana varieties. Journal of Natural Fibers.13:3, 332- 342
  2. D.A.D. Silva, B.U.Hettiarachchi, L.C.D.Nayanajith, M.D.Y. Milani, J.T.S. Motha. 2011. Development of a PVP / kappa carrageenan / PEG Hydrogel dressing for wound healing applications in Sri Lanka. Journal of National Science Foundation Sri Lanka .39(1):25-33


  1. P. V. G. S. Bhagya, M. D. Y. Milani, R. C. W. Arachchige and R. C. L. D. Silva, The effect of enhanced self-microbe population, clay and controlled elevated temperature to accelerate the composting of food and garden waste, 75th Annual Session of SLAAS 2019
  2. M. D. S. B. Jayawardanaa, M.D.Y. Milani , R.C.L. De Silva , S.Wijesinghe, Investigation of the Impact of Clay as a Bulking Agent for Food Waste Composting at a Controlled Raised-up Temperature, 3rd International Conference on Advances in Computing and Technology, ICACT 2018
  3. M. D. S. B. Jayawardanaa, M.D. Y. Milani , R.C. L. De Silva , Study the effect of clay, sawdust and half-composted garden waste as bulking agents in food waste composting at a controlled elevated temperature, 74th Annual Session of SLAAS 2018
  4. M.D.Y.Milani, D.S. Samarawickrama, P.S.D. Perera, R.S.W.Wijeratnam, I.G.N.Hewajulige. Production and commercialization of eco friendly packaging material for transportation of fruits and vegetable. IV International Conference on Postharvest and Quality Management of Horticultural Products of Interest for Tropical Regions. 2017
  5. D. S. Samarawickrama, H D. Weeratunge, M. M. N. P. Gunasekara, M. D. Y. Milani, I. G .N. Hewajulige, R .S. Wilson Wijeratnam, D. P. Dissanayaka, Headspace characterization of hexanal incorporated composite material (HICM) for postharvest application on mango fruits ,3rd Biennial Research Symposium ITI, 2017
  6. M.D.Y.Milani, D.S. Samarawickrama , G.P.C.A. Dharmasiri. Characterization of banana fiber extracted from common banana varieties in Sri Lanka. Annual research symposium, Industrial Technology Institute, 2015
  7. Divisekera D.M.W.., Nayanajith L.D.C, Manorathne C.H, Milani M.D.Y, A simple in vitro method for the detection of antimicrobial activity of titanium dioxide coated materials against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus. 69th SLAAS Annual sessions 2013
  8. Milani M.D.Y., Samarawickrama D.S., HettiarachchiB.U, GunesekaraH.D.D.P, Comparison study of absorbent properties in banana pseudostem fibers with commercial wood pulp for using in personal care products, Annual research symposium, Industrial Technology Institute,2013
  9. Milani M.D.Y,. Motha J.T.S, Samarawickrama D.S, Senaratne M.D, Potential for using banana pseudostem as an absorbent material for personal hygiene products, International symposium on polymer science and technology 2012, University of Sri Jayawardanapura
  10. Milani M.D.Y., Premachandra J.K, Amarasinghe A.D.U.S, Prashantha M.A.B, Synthesizing and characterization of alkyd resins using blend of Nahar seed oil and Karawila seed oil, 15th ERU symposium, 2009, University of Moratuwa
  11. Milani M.D.Y, Nilmini R, Dissanayake D.P, Carbon black – natural rubber latex masterbatches using a novel dispersing agent, 59th Annual Session of SLAAS 2003


  1. Novel dispersing agent with high retention of carbon black manufacture of latex/carbon black master batches, M.D.Y. Milani, R.Nilmini, D.P. Dissanayake, The Registry of Patents and Trade Marks, Sri Lanka, Patent No.
  2. M.D.Y. Milani, Samarawickrama D.S, Hettiarachchi B.U. Processing technology for banana fibers as an absorbent material suitable for using in personal care products., The Registry of Patents and Trade Marks, Sri Lanka, Patent No. 16653
  3. M.D.Y. Milani, Samarawickrama D.S, Dharmasiri G.P.C.A, Wijeratnam R.S.W, Processing technology of papers/boards from banana fiber for sorption and slow release applications, The Registry of Patents and Trade Marks, Sri Lanka, Patent No. 17575
  4. M.D.Y. Milani, DS Samarawickrama, SW Wijerathnam, Processing technology of banana fiber-polymer composite board for slow releasing applications of trapped active compounds, The Registry of Patents and Trade Marks, Sri Lanka, Patent No. 17575

Awards   memberships, Scholarships & Recognition

  1. NASTA award 2018 for category in excellence of international collaboration -IDRC project
  2. SLCARP award for excellence in Agriculture research 2019 – 1st price in non-plantation sector - IDRC project
  3. Achievement award for the best project with nationally significant outputs 2018/2019 during 4th ITI biennial research symposium 2019 - IDRC project
  4. Appreciation award in consideration of NASTA award 2018 and SLCARP award 2019 during 4th ITI biennial research symposium 2019
  5. Memberships: SLAAS Life membership

Major Projects Undertaken

  1. Management of bio degradable food waste
  2. Fiber based fruit packaging materials with slow releasing ability
  3. Absorbent material from clean renewable agro waste
  4. Absorbent material from hydrogel
  5. Self cleaning coatings

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