Dilini Jayawardana

Research Technologist

Food Technology Section


 M.Sc in Applied Microbiology (University of Kelaniya)

  B.Sc. in Natural Sciences (The Open University of Sri Lanka.)


Tel: +94112379800 (6156)           Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Specialized Fields

 Food Microbiology

Interest Areas       

Antimicrobial activity related to food commodities

Microbial quality evaluation of foods,  food product development

Implementation and maintaining ISO 9001:2015 quality system

Publications &





  1. Jayawardana TMDA, Hewajulige IGN and Abeygunawardena GASI (2018). Study on development of whey based mixed fruit puree incorporated probiotic beverage.Proceeding of  Waymba International Conference-Winc 2018, Sri Lanka
  2. I.G.N.Hewajulige,R.C.Pitipanaarachchi,D.Priyangani,D.Jayawardhana,K.V.T.Gunawardena, A.A.G.Madurakanthi and P.Ratnayake(2018). Foodpreservation via irradiation technology to combat with climate change relatedfood security. Proceeding of 2nd International Conference on Climate Change, Sri Lanka.
  3. R.C.Pitipanaarachchi,F.F.Mohomed,K.Aponso,D.Priyangani,D.Jayawardhana,A.A.G.Madurakanthi, P.Ratnayake,I.G.N.Hewajulige and M.A.J.Wansapala (2017).Development of Gamma Irradiated Ready to Eat Food to Use in Disaster Reliefand emergency Condition. Proceeding of ITI Biennial Research Symposium, Sri Lanka.
  4. S.G.Walliwala,A.B.G.C.J.DeSilva,P.N.R.J.Amunugoda,G.D.D.R.Jayasingha,K.A.S.Abeysekara, 
  5. T.M.D.A.Jayayawardana, I.M.Feranando (2015). Efficacy of microfiltration and thermal processtechnologies for development of super health drinks. Proceeding of ITI Biennial ResearchSymposium, Sri Lanka.
  6. Divisekera D.M.W.D, De Silva A.B.G.C.J, Goonarathne. J, Jayawardana T.M.D.A. & Hewajulige I.G.N (2016) In vitro antimicrobial activity of Pediococcus pentoceus isolated from rice variety, Madathawalu. Proceedings of the Research Summit of National Science Foundation, Sri Lanka, p85
  7. Divisekera, D.M.W.D, Gooneratne, J and Jayawardana, T.M.D.A (2014) Isolation, characterization and identification of lactic acid bacteria and yeasts from fermented organically grown rice and coconut milk. Proceeding of the international research conference of university of Peradeniya,Sri Lanka, p210


Major Projects                 Undertaken                                                                    

  • Co-researcher – Development of technologies to utilize waste whey in local dairy bio-processing   industries for the production of value added functional beverages.
  • Co-researcher- Establishment of a facility for thermal process validation of canned food and          low  moisture processed food operations in Sri Lanka

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