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Wastewater discharged without proper treatment results in detrimental environmental issues over the years. Hence it is a must for local industries to treat wastewater before discharging to inland surface water bodies, soil or marine environment as per the National Environmental Act No. 47 of 1980 of Sri Lanka.Therefore local industries generating wastewater sought the help of wastewater treatment expertise in the country to treat their wastewater. However wastewater treatment technologies vary depending on the type of the industry.

Environmental Technology Section posses the expertise in wastewater treatment and has been providing consultancy for designing, commissioning and maintenance of wastewater treatment plants over 30 years. Environmental Technology Section is providing services for all types of industries such as garment dying & washing, distilleries, ceramic manufacturers, food manufacturers etc. Further ETS is a government professional consultancy body registered under the Central Environmental Authority.

Environmental Technology Section conducts research on novel technologies for treatment of different types of wastewater .The most remarkable research are development of Constructed Wetland technology for treatment of food industry wastewater, microbial bioremediation of soil and water contaminated with Petroleum hydrocarbons and pesticides and photo catalytic technology for purification of agrochemical contaminated wastewater from agrochemical packaging and formulation.


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