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Aluminium sulfate: (Sri Lanka Standards 701) Calcium chloride
Alumina (gravimetry) Purity
Ammoniacal Nitrogen
Free acid Chlorinated lime
Full analysis(w/o optional) Full analysis see bleaching powder
Insoluble matter
Arsenic & lead Formalin
pH Formaldehyde content
Sulphate ( optional)
Potassium hydroxide Formic acid
Full analysis Purity
Sodium hexameta phosphate Hydrochloric acid
Purity Strength
Sodium hydrogen sulphite Ammonium bicarbonate
Purity Purity
Sodium metabisulphite Ammonium chloride
Purity Full Analysis indian standard
Sodium silicate Bleaching solution/sodium hypochlorite /IS
Insoluble matter Available chlorine
Full analysis Free alkali
Iron Full analysis
Purity Hydrogenperoxide
Sodium chloride Strength
Sodium oxide/silicon dioxide
Specific gravity Iodine
Total solids Strength
Caustic soda Sri Lanka Standards/IS Magnesium hydroxide
Carbonate as CO2 Calcium
Caustic alkalinity
Caustic strength Nitric acid
Chlorate Total acid strength
Insoluble matter Phosphoric acid
copper & iron Strength
Potassium nitrate
Sodium sulphate Purity,
Potassium/Sodium Iodate
Copper oxychloride Full analysis
Full analysis – Indian standard Silver nitrate
Lime (CaCO3 & Hydrated)
Available lime Sodium hydroxide
Basicity Purity
Calcium oxide
Density Bitumen
Full analysis Acid value
pH Nitrate
Residue on ignition
Ammonium persulphate Specific gravity
Purity Total acid strength
Battery acid (sulphuric acid) Bleaching powder (chlorinated lime) Sri Lanka Standards
Full analysis (w/o sg) Sri Lanka Standards Available chlorine
Bulk density
Battery mix Full analysis
Zncl2, NH4Cl, moisture Iron
Loss of available chlorine
Battery acid (sulphuric acid) Moisture
Chloride Particle size
Full analysis, Indian Standard
Iron. Lead, Arsenic, Selenium, ,Copper Borax (titration)
Nitrogen ammonical Purity
Boric acid
Battery water Purity
Soda ash
Potassium chlorate Alkalinity,
Chloride Iron
Full analysis Insoluble matter
Strength Purity
Insoluble matter
Moisture Battery waste
Lead, Antimony, Tin

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