acidity alkalinity, phenolphthalein
chromium, hexavalent Sodium Carbonate
COD (high chloride) sulfate(gravimetric)
COD Sulfide
colour sulphate(turbidimetric)
conductivity total dissolved solids (gravimetry)
cyanide total solids (total residue)
dissolved oxygen total suspended solids (total non filterable residue)
flouride TriHalomethanes
hardness, calcium turbidity
hardness, total alkalinity, total
alkalinity, bicarbonate BOD (DO Method)
Iron ( spectrophometry) carbon dioxide
Manganese ( spectrophotometry) chloride
nitrogen, albuminoid chlorine, residual
nitrogen, ammoniacal free Drinking water
nitrogen, nitrate organic matter ( Oxidizibility,KMnO4)
nitrogen, nitrite According to Sri Lanka Standards 894
nitrogen, total (kjeldhal) alkalinity, carbonate
odour & taste oxygen, dissolved (electrode)
oil and grease (gravimetry) pH
phosphate, ortho phenol, total
phosphate, total SAR & NaCO3 together
potassium permanganate value silica ( spectrophotometry)
salinity (electrode) Sodium Absorption Ratio

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