Dr. P. Ranasinghe

Research Fellow

Herbal Technology Section



PhD, M. Phil,  B.Sc (Agric)


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Specialized Fields

Natural Product Biochemistry, Bioassay and cell culture

Plant Tissue culture

               Technology Commercialization

Interest Areas      

  • Pharmaceutical Biochemistry of functional natural products
  • Enzyme and Cell based bioassays
  • Technology commercialization and startup
  • Alcoholic beverage fermentation and palm sap



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  1. Evaluation of natural product/medicinal plant extracts for their glucose and lipid metabolism in 3T3 L1 cell lines
  2. Commercialization of caned kithul toddy as sparking kithul ra
  3. Evaluation of extraction methods for purification of lignified kithul fiber from Kithul leaf and leaf-sheaths and evaluation of application potentials
  4. Chemometric fingerprinting of natural and adulterated toddy types
  5. Studies on functional properties and active principals of underutilized wild fruits and marine algea





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