ITI transferes technology on water filter

Memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed between ITI and Sri Lanka Red Cross Society for transferring the technology on manufacturing clay water filter which can remove fluoride, arsenic and cadmium. The water filter has been developed by the Materials technology Section of ITI after six years of thorough R&D work. The MoU was signed on 28th March 2016 at ITI between the Sri Lanka Red Cross Society and ITI and the transfer of the technology will be completed within next few months. 

There are many unique features in the ITI developed clay water filter when compared with the other water filters in the market:

          Low initial investment and maintenance cost

          Two years of filter life-time for removal of arsenic and cadmium and requires regeneration of filter using a  

simple  method for fluoride in every 3 months

It is also observed the filter has the ability to reduce water hardness resulting fresh taste of filtered water

The filter exhibits antibacterial properties to a certain level which is due to an inherited characteristic of the clay.


Further studies on elimination of water hardness and development are in progress.

More than 1500 filters have already been distributed among the people in North Western and North Central Provinces through the Presidential Task Force - CKDu Unit and North Western Privncial Council. 


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