Chemical Metrology

The prime objective of Metrology in Chemistry is to provide the basis for comparability of chemical measurements and their traceability in order to establish global mutual recognition of analytical results and provide a technical foundation for wider agreements related to international trade, commerce and regulatory issues. Metrology in chemistry is currently applied in areas such as food quality, climate change, forensic science, hospital laboratory medicine and drug testing.

Realizing the need to have a proper chemical metrology infrastructure in place, in the country, ITI has taken initiatives to upgrade its QAD as a chemical reference laboratory. We have also applied for the designator status for this area from the Government. A team of experts from APMP also recommended that ITI to be designated for this purpose. SLAB has officially recognized ITI as a proficiency testing provider in the areas of chemical, microbiological and physical testing.


Proficiency Testing Programmes

Area : Microbiological Analysis,

Chemical analysis

Mechanical Analysis

ITI Proficiency Testing schemes are third party professional schemes that engaged in providing independent evidences of validity of laboratory test results. We have successfully conducted several Proficiency Testing rounds during the recent past. These programmes are conducted by competent staff of ITI in accordance with the general requirements of ISO 17043:2010 for proficiency testing and other applicable international guidelines.

7 PT schemes are offered in year 2019.

  • PT on water microbiology
  • PT on Chemical Analysis of Water
  • PT on Ordinary Portland Cement
  • PT on Metal Analysis in Fly Ash
  • PT on Chemical Analysis of Food
  • PT on food microbiology
  • PT on Glove Testing

Proficiency Testing Plan - 2019

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