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Innovative Research carried out at BTU is directed towards the developing and establishing new services to accelerate industrial development. BTU offers a wide range of molecular characterization of microorganisms, plant species and analysis services. BTU Utilizes state of the art equipment and expertise to offers these services in the following.


Identification of Genetically Modified Foods

Genetically Modified foods have had specific changes introduced into their DNA by genetic engineering techniques. In some cases, the product is directly consumed as food, but In most cases, crops that have been genetically modified are sold as commodities, which are further processed into food ingredients. Since appropriate screening process and regulations have not been established it is possible to contain GM food materials in the imported food items and cultivation of GM crops in Sri Lanka.

At present GM testing facility is not available in Sri Lanka. We have successfully developed an assay based on screening genetic elements by PCR for identification of Genetically Modified foods. Now we are issuing certificates for customers as a service. This is of immense help to local plant material exporters (especially to EU countries) for GM labeling purposes. Our aim is to establish an accredited GM testing laboratory according to ISO 24276 standard in Biotechnology Unit(BTU) of ITI.

Genetic bar-coding and molecular characterization of plant species

DNA bar-coding is a technique for characterizing species of organisms using a short DNA sequence from a standard and agreed-upon position in the genome. The biotechnology unit offers the service of authentication of the identity of plant materials such as indigenous medicinal plants, traditional rice varieties on customer requests.

DNA Sequencing

Biotechnology Unit provides DNA sequencing as a service for different sample types such as PCR products and plasmids.Depending on customer’s requirement we can provide all inclusive service performing DNA extraction, PCR and sequencing.

Microbial Identification through 16s rRNA/18s rRNA sequencing

The microbial identification on the basis of phenotypic characteristics is generally not as accurate as identification based on genotypic methods. 16s rRNA / 18s rRNA sequencing focuses on ribosomal RNA genes of bacterial, fungal and yeast cells. Biotechnology Unit provides the service of Microbial Identification using the latest sequencing technology such as 16rRNA sequencing and 18srRNA sequencing. 16s rRNA sequencing service is used for the Bacterial identification and 18srRNA sequencing service is used for Fungi and yeast identification. Through this service, you can identify the species of DNA you targeted by comparing sequencing data and rRNA database.  We accept all type of samples including Bacteria, Fungi and yeast.

Customized services

The BTU provides services by applying the techniques of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology for problem solving and troubleshooting of stakeholders from industries.


Development of Plant Tissue Culture techniques


Marker Assisted Breeding for Crop Improvement

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