Dr. P.N.R.J.Amunugoda


Food Technology Section





PhD in Food Drying , 2011

MPhil (Upgraded to PhD), 2007

B.Sc(Hons ) in Agriculture, 1994


Tel: +94112797346                     Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

      +94 718475734

Specialized Fields

Post-Harvest& Food Technology

Agricultural Machinery and Food Process Engineering

Agronomy, Soil Science & Farm/ Plantation Management

Technology & Business Incubation

Perishable/ Food Value & supply chain analysis/Management

Bamboo, Rattan   & Modern Forest Technology

Interest Areas  

Development of novel food products and machineries

Food chemistry and process engineering

Flour and powder technology

Plasma Science & application in Food/Herbal/ Material products development

Non-thermal processing/ sterilization of food

Food/Herbs/ Material Nano Technology

Modern Forest Technology, Bioremediation



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Communications: International Symposia

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Communication submitted – International Symposia

  1. P. N. R. J. Amunugoda*Incentivizing of Sri Lanka’s Bamboo Sector Asia-PPacific Bamboo Symposium & Expo 2020 Nan Province, Thailand 11-13 November 2020.

Communications National Symposia

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Major Projects Undertaken

  1. Co- Investigator : Development of low cost continuous dryer- SL CARP project -1.4 M LKR2001-2004
  2. Co- Investigator :-Construction of dual energy drier at VIDATHA Centre –-Treasury Granted project - 0.7MLKR 2005-
  3. Principle Investigator: Development of rack dryer for Black Lime production—ITI funded project -0.15M LKR -2008-2009
  4. Co Investigator:Effective processing of ginger –Treasury Grant Project - 6 MLKR -2006-2009
  5. Co Investigator:-Extending storage life of pineapples for export-– Contract Research Project Company unded - 01 MLKR - 2012-2013
  6. Principle Investigator:–Establishment of non -thermal processing technologies for perishable juices - Treasury Grant Project - 4Million LKR - 2013-2016
  7. Principle inciple Investigator: – Testing of heat pump dryer for fruits, vegetables, spices an and   cereal dehydration - Treasury Grant project – 2.1 M LKR- 2015-2017
  8. Co Investigator: Fabrication of automated coconut scraper machine- Treasury Grant Project 0.7MLKR- 2016-2017
  9. Principle Investigator: Indo Sri Lanka Joint Research Project -2017- on “Studies in surface sterilization of spices using non-thermal processes – Ministry of Science Technology &Research Funded project for Sri Lankan party - 11.8 MLKR for Sri Lankan side- 2017-2019

Ongoing Project

  • Principle Investigator :- Spray drying of selected fruits, vegetable juices and yam pulps and innovative spray- Treasury Grant Project – 5MLKR, 2019- 2022
  • Principle Investigator: Curing of bamboo culm that suit to tropical environment and bamboo product development. Treasury Grant Project -6.1 MLKR – 2018-2021


Proposals Submitted (2019-2020)and pending for approval

  • Principle Investigator:Synthesis of Chitosan/Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) biocompatible nano-sensor for direct eradication of pathogenic bacteria in fruit juices, production of high nutritional extruded snack enriched with antiviral volatile herbal extracts for throat persisted viral targeting and production of nanoparticle steam inhaler against upper respiratory tract pathogenic colonization –National Science Foundation (NSF 2020) Under call for proposal – Combat and mitigation Covid 19 Outbreak
  • Co-Investigator: Full proposal on “Promote green economy through the development of sustainable cluster-based Bamboo Value Chain development” to European Commission, SWITHASIA and Central Asia II – Under the theme of promoting sustainable consumption and pattern

Total Value – EUR 2,800,000 - 2019

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Graphene / Graphene Oxide for Research Purposes

Graphene pic

For the first time in Sri Lanka, now Industrial Technology Institute is in a position to cater your need for superior hi-tech material, Graphene and Graphene Oxide.

Graphene Oxide is an oxidized form of single layer graphite which can be used to produce graphene and it has a high demand in industry worldwide. Sri Lanka is the only country where vein graphite with purity above 99% carbon exists, enabling production of high quality graphene oxide and graphene. Sri Lanka exports graphite mainly as raw material at a lower price or with little value addition, despite the possibility to develop highly value added products.

Scientists from Materials Technology Section developed pure and quality Graphene and Graphene Oxide, suitable for modern applications giving high value addition to our natural resource, graphite.


Please contact: Tel. 0112379851, 0112379849, 0112379800-Ext 462,464,469,

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Graphene iti

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