K.V.T. Gunawardhana

Research Scientist

Food Technology Section



M.Sc in Agriculture (Agricultural Engineering board of study)

B.Sc in Agriculture


Tel: 0112379800 ext: 6257             Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Specialized Fields

Food Science and Technology

Agricultural Engineering

Interest Areas  

Food Grains processing

Development of novel food products

Rice bran and allied products

Spice grinding

Food plant layout



  1. Madara D.W. Samaranayake, Aruma B.G.C.J. De Silva, Warnakulasuriya R.D. Fernando, Katudeni V.T.and Herath Mudiyanselage T. Herath. (2017). Optimization of liquefaction and saccharification times for laboratory scale production of glucose syrup from Cassava starch and scaling up process of optimized conditions at pilot scale. Journal of chemical sciences. Vol. 7(7), 1-5, July (2017)
  2. Samaraweera S.A.P.U.1, Aruma B.G.C.J. De Silva1, Madara D.W. Samaranayake, Katudeni V.T.and Herath Mudiyanselage T. Herath. (2015). Potential application of locally grown Sri Lankan corn varieties to utilize in the food industry; Corn Starch and Corn Syrup. Journal of Information Technology Research ,Volume 2: issue 1.


  1. Thilakakarathne W.P.D.W., Gunawardhana K.V.T., Perera O.D.A.N (2015). Stabilization of rice bran using saturated steam and development of rice bran incorporated cracker. Proceedings of the 71st annual sessions of the Sri Lanka Association for the Advancement of Science. pp 20.
  2. Dalukdeniya, D.A.C.K., Gunawardene, K.V.T., Abeysekera, W.K.S.M., Premakumara, G.A.S. and Sabaragamuwa, R.S. (2015). Enhanced physicochemical and bioactive properties of two newly formulated red rice noodles in comparison to selected commercially available rice and wheat noodles. Annual symposium of the Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka.
  3. Thilakarthne W.P.D.W, Gunawardhana, K.V.T., Abeysekara, W.P.K.M. and Perera O.D.A.N. (2014). Rice bran stabilization by saturated steam, its effect on antioxidant activity and development of rice bran incorporated cracker. Research symposium 2014. Wayamba university of Sri Lanka.
  4. Gunawardhana K.V.T., Rathnayaka N.M., Hewajulige I., Ediriweera S. (2015) Effect of incorporation of rice bran on cooking, textural and sensory characteristics and nutritional composition of rice noodle. Proceedings of the second biennial research symposium, Industrial Technology Institute. pp 09.


Major Projects Undertaken

  • Principal Investigator -Study on the use of sugar substitutes for food products, their detection and the development of low GI food products. (TG/18/150)
  • Principal Investigator -Study on effect of processing parameters on the functionality of rice bran oil from local rice varieties and development of an appropriate bran oil extraction technique for SME. (TG 15/102)
  • Co-researcher- Development of shelf stable high energy instant food products from locally available raw materials using Gamma Irradiation. (TG 16/124)
  • Co-researcher-Production of Glucose Syrup and High Protein Concentrates from Locally avaialable Raw Materials of Broken Rice, Maize and Manioc. (FP 111)
  • Principal Investigator -Rice bran snacks rich in antioxidants. (TG 11/35) -

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