Workshops and Training on Food Technology:

 Food Technology Section conducts training and workshops on following areas on request by  food Industry and other stakeholders. If you are interested in starting a food related SME on following areas you can contact the Food Technology Section, ITI 


Postharvest Technology

  • Pre and Postharvest quality managements of fruits and vegetables
  • Postharvest handling of fresh produces intended for super markets / exports
  • Pack house management for better quality and safe produce
  • Postharvest treatments to extend the storage life of fruits
  • Storage life extension of manioc and yams using hot wax treatment
  • Proper packaging and transportation for high quality produce
  • Minimal processing / fresh cut technology of fruits and vegetables
  • Safe fruit ripening technology


Fruit and Vegetable processing Technology

  • Fruit and vegetable dehydration technology /fruit and vegetable powders
  • Osmotically dehydration technology and high sugar preservation
  • Ready to serve drinks / cordials from fruits and vegetables
  • Fruit purees / pulps /concentrates technology
  • Pickling / sauces /brining technology of perishables
  • Mushroom based product technology – Mushroom pickle, chutney, sauce
  • Ginger based product technology – ginger preserve, ginger candies, ginger RTS etc


Cereal based product technology

  • Traditional rice based food products – energy bars, complimentary food mixtures
  • Instant flour mixtures – Thosai, hopper, string hopper etc.
  • Multigrain (rice, other cereals and pulses) based food products


Fish / dairy processing

  • Dry fish, Maldive fish processing technology
  • Smoked fish technology
  • Fish based bottled products / traditional product technology
  • Curd, yoghurt and flavourd milk technology


 Food Microbiology

  • Training on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for Food industry
  • Microbiological tools for food industries
  • Probiotic and prebiotics in food indutry


 Other trainings and workshops offered by the Food Technology Section

  • Food Canning and bottling technology
  • Food safety management in food industry
  • Non-thermal processing technology for fruits and vegetables
  • Sensory evaluation / how to train sensory panel
  • Shelf life evaluation of food - real time method
  • Food safety and quality management
  • Food machinery and unit operations
  • Food packaging and labeling
  • Food waste / fish waste utilization
  • Better Process Control School (BPCS) for low acid or acidified can food manufactures
  • Food Analysis – proximate composition analysis and nutritional labeling
  • Food Analysis – special methods -Antioxidant properties, in-vitro glycemic index
  • Undergraduate and postgraduate training
  • Tailor made training for food industry workers on food processing technologies, food safety management etc.






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