Testing Services and R & D activities to support government & private sector needs to curb the present crisis


Industrial Technology Institute

R&D in Progress related to control of COVID-19

1. ITI – SLINTEC – USJP joint project on the development of nano-herbal anti-viral mask

 2. ITI – SLINTEC joint project on nano formulated alcohol-based surface sterilization formulation

 3. ITI herbal-based anti-viral surface sterilizer / protective-mask/gears sterilizer

 4. Development of in house anti-viral protective mask testing procedure

 5. Development of testing methods for anti-microbial fumigants & steamers

 6. Testing & improvement of UV/IR based anti-viral mask develop by an Inventor


Priority basis testing services

1. Testing of medical supplies including IPA, EtOH, DI Water etc.

2. Testing of all types of Personal Care Sanitizers/cleansers, antiseptics, soaps, Antibacterial Solutions, disinfectants,   

     Sprayers for time-kill efficacy.

3. Testing of masks (Microbiological) for barrier properties

4. Testing of killing efficacy of disinfectants and smoking agents.

5. Quality assurance/Standardization of health/sanitary products.


Other R&D activities & technologies available

1. Technology is available for following personal care sanitizers incorporating ethanol/isopropanol/anti-viral/anti- 

     bacterial herbal actives and other antibacterial agents.

    Hand sanitizers (gels), Hand cleansers/liquids, antiseptic gels and creams/lotions/oils, soaps, hand/foaming wash

2. Technology is available for disinfectants including herbal-based products and other home care cleaning products.

3. Technology is available for sanitizing air-fresheners, sanitizing sprayers including incorporating

     ethanol/isopropanol/anti-viral/anti bacterial herbal actives and other antibacterial agents.

4. Technology is available for sanitizing Smoking products – Joss powder, Joss sticks, sanitizing coils, oil lamps

5. Technology is available for immunity boosters/enhancers – Capsules, tablets, herbal tea, food products including


6. Technology is available for Instant food products - Easy rice – technology was transferred to Keells Food Pvt. Ltd

     and available in the market as an emergency ration.

7. Technology is available for emergency food products and health food products.

8. In-vitro anti-microbial assays.

9. Quality assurance/Standardization of herbal products.


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