Onboard Noise / Vibration Measurements for Newly Built Ships by Colombo Dockyard PLC



At the request of Colombo Dockyard PLC, Noise and Vibration Group of ITI decided to develop our capabilities on onboard noise/vibration measurements for newly build ships. The Colombo Dockyard has built the first ship of a series of four Multipurpose Platform Supply Vessels, (MPSV) for Singapore’s Greatship Global offshore services. The vessel is capable to support offshore oil and gas field on a twenty four hours per day basis. The vessel has been built for operation in unrestricted waters and is capable of undertaking multi-purpose work such as moving men and material between platforms and shore. It also has a large accommodation area for 50 persons.

This special purpose ship has been built, meeting the stringent requirements stipulated by International classification societies. Under this classification, noise and vibration requirements are very critical and need a professional organization to measure these parameters during onboard trial/test of the ship. To carry out onboard noise/vibration measurements, it is required to get an approval from International Lloyds Register. A detailed report on noise/vibration measurement capabilities of ITI were submitted to Lloyds International which Lloyds Certification as “Second Party Professional Organization” for onboard noise/vibration trial measurements.


ship 2

The first onboard trial measurement was carried out on 07th April, 2010 during the trial test for the newly built ship named “Greater ship Rekha”. A detailed report on noise/vibration measurements was submitted for international classification for the vessel and “CAC 3 notation” was granted to this ship based on our report.

During our first measurement it was observed that measured noise level at some rooms were higher than the stipulated level due to operation of large ventilation fan which supply fresh air into accommodation area. At the request of Colombo Dockyard engineers, we designed a very special muffler to reduce the noise level of this ventilation fan.

In this critical situation ITI officers and Dockyard engineers worked as a team and we gave a design within a day, after doing overnight work. Our quick response helped them to meet the very short time schedule to handover the ship before the dead line. Not only was the design work, the fabrication of the muffler was also completed within two days by one of contractors who work with ITI in noise insulation projects. Finally high noise level of that fan was reduced to the required level with our special muffler design.

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