Recently Completed projects

1. Clay Filter for Removal of Fluoride and Heavy Metals (As, Cd)


2. Development of sanitary napkins from banana fibers    

3. Wood preservative based on cashew nut shell liquid


4. Novel sealant for rain guards used in rubber cultivation



5. Decorative articles from clear polymer

6. Purification technology of graphite up to 99.9% and above

7. Graphene and nanomaterials from graphite


 8. Development of self cleaning surface on ceramic tile


9. Detergents (Car wash, Dish wash, Tile Cleaner, Toilet cleaner, Glass cleaner, Laundry soap, Hand Wash & Liquid air freshener, liquid laundry wash, powder dish wash

10. Recycle papers/agro- waste based handmade papers

11. Formulation of moulds - Plaster of Paris mould, Silicon mould

12. Rain guard sealant for rubber trees




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